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Tips to Save Packaging Cost - Stretch Film

教你如何有效的降低使用包装成本 - 缠绕膜/ 伸拉膜篇

Stretch Film or stretch wrap also known as or Plastic Wrap is a elastic and highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around goods. It is also this elastic recovery that keeps goods tightly bound and protected. As demands for increased throughput rises, it is particularly important that the cartons stay on the pallet. When used with pallets, Stretch Film can have several functions:

  1. Increased handling and storage efficiency of unit loads
  2. Improving stability of products or packages to form unit loads
  3. Reduce the rick of package pilferage and tamper resistance
  4. Moisture and Dust protection As such, Stretch Wrap properties such as tear resistance, break strength, clarity, cling, static discharge of a Stretch Wrap are also important.

Yellowbox is a supplier of Stretch Film, Stretch Wrapping Machines as well as Pallets for all your packaging supply needs.

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