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B41333G Galvanized Buckles 13mm
B41333G Galvanized Buckles 13mm
Product ID: 786

B41333G Galvanized Buckles 13mm 1000 Pcs / Box

Model: B41333G
Lead Time Upon Order:
30 working days
Retail Price: RM0.17 / piece
Price excludes GST (6%)
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Remaining Stocks: Out Of Stock
This product has a minimum order quantity of 1000.
Quantity must be in multiples of 1000.
Please check on the Shipping Charges.
State Order Qty Charge
(per piece)
Excludes GST (6%)
Johor Bahru within 50KM 1000 & above RM0.02
Johor 1000 & above RM0.02
Kedah 1000 & above RM0.02
Kelantan 1000 & above RM0.02
Melaka 1000 & above RM0.02
Negeri Sembilan 1000 & above RM0.02
Pahang 1000 & above RM0.02
Penang 1000 & above RM0.02
Perak 1000 & above RM0.02
Perlis 1000 & above RM0.02
Selangor 1000 & above RM0.02
Terengganu 1000 & above RM0.02
Kuala Lumpur 1000 & above RM0.02
Putrajaya 1000 & above RM0.02

Galvanized Wire Buckles a special design for our Composite Strapping.

These galvanized wire buckles are protected from corrosion, sea water and other climatic threats. They are design for easy threading and deliver the ultimate in high load performance.

They have outstanding slip resistance due to its self-lock feature in order to maximize holding power.