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Instant Quotation

How long do you normally have to wait before your supplier returns your requested quotation? Yellowbox treasures your time hence we designed this superb function which allows you to generate your quotation instantaneously! Feel free to call our friendly sales advisers at +6013-788 0966 for any required assistance!

Follow These Simple Steps To Create Your Own Quotation:

1 Sign Up As Member

Your details will be used when our system creates your quotation.

2 Add To Cart

Find and add your required products to shopping cart.

3 Create Draft Quotation

Click "Email/Print As Quote"; after which, a draft quotation will be created for verification.

4 Confirm Quotation

After all details are confirmed, click on "Save Quotation".

5 Retrieve Quotation

An email quotation will be sent; or, you may retrieve your quotation under "My Quotations".

6 Proceed Order

Upon approval, you may retrieve your quotation and proceed to checkout. Else, email or fax the endorsed quotation to us.

7 Download Or Share Guide

Download or forward this guide to your friends.